Gabrielle’s Sounds

“Immortal father Zeus in heaven, curse this brute if he eats me! Torture him with the slain serpent’s blood and the crow’s droppings…” “Shut up! I hate chatty food!”

“So you’re saying that today is actually yesterday for you, but for us today is today because we can’t remember that yesterday was today, right?” “Right!” “Well I don’t get it.”

“Callisto.” “You’ve come back somehow to drive me insane!”

“They say that the bacchae women can take many forms. Sometimes just roaming the forests as wolves. Driven with an unquenchable thirst for blood, they track their intended victim relentlessly until they corner him and they tear him apart, limb from limb. But if you ask me, I think the stories are exaggerated. You know? Just made up to give people a really good scare.” <screaming>

“Xena, you’re acting really strange.” “Don’t be ridiculous, Mavis! Alley-oop Argo.”

“I’ll rise. But I refuse to shine.”

“Sit on this!”

“Troubled is a polite word for what I am.”


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