Callisto: Sounds of Psychosis

Hear Callisto’s scream

“You know I don’t drink intoxicants Theodorus.”  “I thought maybe just this once…” “No, I like to experience life in all it’s agonizing glory. I don’t want to dull the sensations in any way.”

“Oh Xena!  So GLAD you could stop by for a little visit.  And here I was, afraid I’d never get to torture you again!”

“Hello Xena…oh how I’ve missed you!   Do you know how boring Tartarus can be?  Same old torture everyday, everyday.   Makes me appreciate what we had.”

“Love is a trick Nature plays to get us to reproduce.  I want no part of it.”

“You’re finished ARES.  You’re washed up and wrung out!  Everything will be different now.  The last thing anyone wants is a has-been God like you!  Lemme tell you a little secret, just the idea, the mere idea of you touching me makes my skin crawl.  Come to mama!”

“Hurt my son and I swear by any God you name…”  “You’ll do what??  Gonna make my life a living Hell?   Old hat, dear.  You did that years ago when you barbecued my family.  But now it’s my turn to host the cookout!  And where is the guest of honor?!”

“Well, what is a little more time?  And when you’re well, we’ll obliterate them all.”   “No, better to crush their dreams, destroy their future.  They will kill what they love most…their children.”

“Why do you think I freed you?”  “To make her suffer.” “To make her stop.   My father’s kingdom is at hand…the age of Darkness when Dahok will snuff out the very people Xena loves until he’s crushed her very soul.  And as she goes, so goes the world.”

“Such a pretty day for a bloodbath.”

“My life, my life will never END and it was over years ago is Cirra…there is nothing you can do for me Hope, so you go away!”

“Solan, oh Solan dear,  come meet your Auntie Callisto!”

“Oh yeah?  And uh, what exactly are you gonna do if I don’t…are you gonna kill me? Because I’m a Goddess now sweetcheeks, and Goddesses don’t die.”

“Come out come out wherever you are!  I promise it won’t hurt…much.”

“You have to die…for both of us now.”

“It’s over, leave me alone.”

“I’ll show you carnage like you’ve never dreamed of.  A landscape littered with body-parts.”

“Ahhh.  Here comes trouble!”

“Stupid fools.  I’m doing you a favor.”

“I can’t believe you have disturbed me for this!”

 “Oh no you don’t.”

“I love a good chase!”

“I’m tired of waiting..”

“Absorb thyself into the great sea of the waters of life…dive deep in it…”

“Go on, RUN…run fast.”

“I want it.” “I figured you did!”

(Laughter)   “Was it good for you?”

“Yeah.   I’ve always loved fire.  It’s been a part of my life since Xena’s army burned my home.  And that fire turned my family to ashes…and everybody died that day…”

“Alright let’s just cut the chitchat and do it. ”  “Do what?”   “It”.

“Does this brazen brown-nosing actually work with you?”  “What can I say?   A little stroking never hurt anyone.”

“How about it…I scratch your back, you stab mine?”  “What’s the matter, existence getting to be a bit of a burden?”  “Yes, honestly.  I yearn for oblivion…annihilation…peace if you will.”

“I never thought I’d feel so good again.  Seeing poor dear Gabrielle sacrifice herself makes it all worthwhile.  It finally gives me a reason for living and I have you to thank for it , Xena…”  “No more living for you…”

“Do it!  Gut her, then it’s my turn!”

“What is this, some kind of martyrdom phase you’re going through?  I could kill you in an instant.”

“I don’t know if I’m toying with you…or you toying with me…”

“Your Auntie Callisto’s brought you a little treat…”

“Oh she’s so good.”

“Hello, Pumpkin.”

“Ouch!   Don’t do that…”

“Not happy to see me, are you?”

“Nice try…but that threat worked when I was only immortal.   But I’m a God now Xena.   Welcome to my world!  Now get ready to leave it!”  “Gimme your best shot…”

“Love to chat but…gotta go!”

“Hi honey I’m home!”

“Oh clever clever girl.”

“Shall I carve or will you?”

“Now SHE’S scary!”

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