Gabrielle: Amazon Sidekick

gab_1gab_sidebarGabrielle is Xena’s smooth-talking traveling companion and best pal.

She was described by Renee (the actress who played Gabrielle) as “a romantic storyteller with a passion for adventure.”

She didn’t start out really as Xena’s best pal, at least Xena didn’t reciprocate those feelings…at first.  Gabrielle was the daughter of Hecuba and Herodotus and had a sister named Lila.  She left her home village of Potiadea to follow the Warrior Princess after Xena rescued her from a Warlord who attacked her village.

Although Lila was probably tougher than she was, Gabby wanted to be like Xena.  She wanted to have exciting adventures.

Gabrielle began a talkative, irritating warrior-wannabe who had a gift for finding trouble. She wanted to be a bard.  She thought she could travel with Xena and record her good deeds and everyone would know the transformation that had taken place in Xena from evil warlord to hero.

gab_faceleftGabrielle wanted to acquire fighting skills so Xena wouldn’t send her away. She wanted to learn to use a sword but Xena refused.  She didn’t want Gabrielle to do any killing, knowing too well what that would do to her. Gabrielle ended up choosing the staff as her weapon of choice (at least until later seasons when she moved on to her two sai).  She could knock the tar out of attackers without quite killing them. She got pretty skilled with the staff, though she still preferred to try and talk her way out of situations, using the staff as a last resort.


Renee does The Xena Rap

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