It’s A Wrap

It’s a Wrap!

From Creation Entertainment:

wrapAt 6:05 am, Saturday, March 31, 2001, Xena and Gabrielle clasped hands for the last time. In a fire-blackened village, high atop a water tower, the two friends filmed their last adventure. It was cold, the ground criss-crossed with rivulets of running water that came partly from the deliberately leaking tower and partly from the water hoses used to keep the stage flames under control. Lucy and Renee took turns spraying each other with a water bottle to refresh the wet look the characters were supposed to have. This while bundled in robes and hopping from foot to foot to try and keep warm. They delivered their lines, the director, Rob Tapert, yelled, “That’s a wrap,” and the crew burst into applause.

Suddenly the sky above was filled with fireworks — Xena was going out in style. There was champagne, speeches, gifts to and from the cast and crew. Lucy, now clad in t-shirt, jeans and a lumberjack coat, read a poem written on the back of her script. She said this was poem #1. It was warm and heartfelt and her voice was choked with emotion. After the applause, someone called out for poem #2. Lucy launched into, “There was an old man from Leeds.”

The crew finished the limerick along with her and laughter replaced the tears. During her television interviews, Renee announced that, yes, she and her husband, Steve, are expecting their first child. There were hugs all around and two-foot-long paper bags filled with memories to take home. Six years of memories — for them and for us. We wish them well.

The Creation Team



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