Assorted Sounds N Songs

Hope – “Leave me now and join the rest of your puny gods when Dahak destroys them. Lose everything I promised, everything Dahak brings.”

Dahak – “I am the Deliverer!”

Cyclops (& Gabrielle) – “Shut up! I hate chatty food!”

Autolycus – “Ahh, easy on the throat can ya? I’ve got this silly little breathing habit.”

Autolycus – “You, master moron, let’s go.”

Ares – “It is times like this I regret the fact that I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

Ares – “I like your style!”

Ares – “Whoa, that was low!”

Ares – “XENA! Xenaxenaxena…the sound of her name excites me. Cruel, heartless, merciless…XENA! Why would you want to stop her?”

Ares – “Get up…and act like a god, you worm!”

Ares – “I…hate…happy.”

Ares – “Oh you’re good, girlie….but when it comes to physical punishment, I invented the art.”

Sovereign – “Oh. You’re not gonna…cry…are ya?”

Iolus – “See. Girlfriend Xena’s crass. A heartless witch, no class. If Zeus were well, he’d cast a spell and knock her on her aaaaa…”

Musical montage – Let’s just cut the chit-chat and do it.

Bacchae Rap

M’Lila’s Song


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