Xena: Warrior Sounds

“Rise and shine everybody! Rise and shine!”

“If you’re telling the truth I’ll be back. If not, you rot.”

“What is this?! You promised me an execution!”

“What have you done with her? You bastard!”

“Xena wins again.”

“I love the smell of warrior sweat in the morning.”

“Wakey wakey.”

“You half-witted toady to a third rate god, come and get me!”

*Rooster crows* <tantrum>

“Son of a bacchae!”

Mourning Solan.

“I’m gonna slap these bitches silly.”

“I am sick to death of you.”

“Shut up Ares.”

“Scram, you fool.”

“I am the scourge that your god sent to punish your people.”

“I don’t often get to reason four, but when I do it gets real messy!”

“Run to your master, puppy.”

“Praise Hestia, praise Hestia, praise Hestia…praise Hestia!”

“Pitiful, pitiful.”

“I should have just sliced that pig’s throat.”

“I thought the Greek immortals were freaks.” “Yeah but they’re our freaks.”

“Oh no you don’t.”

“Oh goody.”

“I’ve got your number sweetie.”

“No, no, yes, no, I tried that, yes both ways, no I don’t know, no again. Are there any more questions? Good.”


“Nice blade.”


“I am a lunatic with lethal combat skills.”

“I WIN.” <laughter>

“Fine, half-god and all crazy!”

“Oh no trouble, so good of you to come. You’ll have to work on your groveling.”

“I thought your god was all powerful or something.” “You can’t talk of the great Dahak like that!” “Great, great at what? All I’ve seen is a lame attempt at a religion and some fancy fireworks!”

“Xena!” “I am real busy here, go play with Joxer!”

“Everyone has their preferences. I happen to like a good kill.”

“Gimme, gimme.”

“You picked the wrong woman to get rough with.”

“I said I am sick of you. Now get lost.”

“Gee Gabrielle who is it? I simply have to know.”

“I’m gonna use you as a shield, Gabrielle.”

“You’re on, fool.”

“Eat dirt.”

“I’ll get you little goddess!” “Eat cake, baby!”

“You don’t want to be doing that.”

“Alright Callisto. You like little ditties! Fine. I got one for ya. You’re acting so strangely that I hardly know ya but I still wouldn’t trust ya as far as I could throw ya.”

“Ares. I know you’re here because my skin is crawling. Show yourself.”

“That’s right, crawl. Crawl for your stinking life.”

“Oh no, no they don’t want to cooperate. I’d say, kill them all!”

“Gabrielle couldn’t save a cat in a sack without me. She’s a useless little piss ant, really.”

“Let’s say the winner gets me. And a body part from each of the losers.”

“I’ve beaten you before, I can beat you again.”


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