Claire Stansfield Filmography

Date Credit Episode Role
9/25/01 Frasier Don Juan in Hell: Part II Kristina
5/7/01 Xena: Warrior Princess When Fates Collide Alti
4/23/01 Xena: Warrior Princess Send in the Clones Alti/Alexis Los Alamos
1999 Sweepers Movie Michelle Flynn
10/25/99 Xena: Warrior Princess Them Bones, Them Bones Alti
2/15/99 Xena: Warrior Princess Between the Lines Alti
11/20/98 Two of a Kind Model Behavior Tarah James
10/5/98 Xena: Warrior Princess Adventures in the Sin Trade II Alti
9/28/98 Xena: Warrior Princess Adventures in the Sin Trade I Alti
1997 Steel Movie Duvray
1996 Darkdrive Movie R.J. Tilda
2/4/96 Cybil Where’s Zoey? Dolores
1995 Mind Ripper Movie Joanne
12/18/95 Ned and Stacey Accountus Interruptus Jordan
5/1/95 Platypus Man Lower East Side Story Rabbi Rachel Shulman
1994 Gladiator Cop Movie Julie
1994 Sensation Movie Paula
1994 Drop Zone Movie Kara
1994 The Favor Movie Miranda
1/20/94 Frasier Can’t Buy Me Love Kristina
1993 The Swordsman Movie Julie
1993 Best of the Best II Movie Greta
10/8/93 The X Files The Jersey Devil The Jersey Devil
3/27/93 Raven Checkmate Marta Kelsy
1993 Red Shoe Diaries Bounty Hunter ??
1992 Nervous Ticks Movie Lu
1991 The Doors Movie Warhol Eurosnob
5/11/91 The Flash Alpha Cyborg Alpha
1991 Sibs The Eleanor Roosevelt Story ??
10/27/90 Twin Peaks The Orchids Curse Sid, Judge Sternwood’s assistant
10/20/90 Twin Peaks Laura’s Secret Sid, Judge Sternwood’s assistant
?? The Deodorant Salesman Breaks a Sweat Movie ??
?? In Search of Alexander Movie ??
?? Lunchtime Special Movie ??
?? W.I.O.U TV Series ??

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