Xena: Warrior Princess

floatinghead-smallWelcome to Magicwolf’s Xena Gallery!  Did you go through XWS when Xena wasn’t on? (Xena Withdrawal Syndrome?)  I did, too!  Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed:

Xena was a successful spin-off series character from the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Hercules started out as a series of several television movies which then developed into a regular series, running for 6 seasons.

The character of Xena first appeared as an evil antagonist on the Hercules series, attempting to get to Hercules via his friend, Iolus. The attempt ultimately failed.

Xena was eventually drummed out as the warlord leader of her army. She was forced to endure the gauntlet, but survived.

She decided, via Hercules’ help, to change her ways towards the greater good and try to make up for the evil she’d done as a warlord.

Xena was the daughter of her mother, Cyrene and Orestes/Nelo. Nelo apparently had some questionable tendencies and he was killed by Cyrene with an ax when Xena was young, to prevent him from sacrificing Xena in a bout of insanity. It is suggested in the series that Xena was actually the daughter of Ares.

Sadly, Cyrene met her end at the hands of villagers, who believed her to be a witch and burnt her at the stake after she claimed she could hear voices and that her home was haunted. Xena was able to determine later that a portal in her home had in fact opened, and the house was indeed haunted.

Xena had 2 brothers, Lyceus and Toris. Lyceus, her younger brother, was killed following an attempt to try and defend her village against the warlord, Cortese. Xena had tried to organize the defense against her mother’s wishes and was ostracized from her village of Amphipolis following the death of Lyceus.


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